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In my journey through the world of dance and cultural expression, I strive to bring people together, fostering unity and peace through the art of Sufi dance, especially the sacred ritual of Sema or whirling. My roots in the rich traditions of Sufism have guided me to share its profound messages of love, harmony, and spiritual transcendence.

From a young age, I felt a deep connection to my cultural heritage and a passion for dance. This led me to explore the mystical world of Sufism, blending ancient traditions with contemporary expression. My journey has been one of continuous learning and dedication, deeply valuing the spiritual and historical significance of Sufi traditions.

About me: As a dancer, choreographer, and instructor, my aim is to share the beauty of Sufi mysticism with audiences around the world. My performances are an invitation to reflect, connect, and celebrate the divine, hoping to elevate the soul and foster a sense of unity. I believe in the power of art to bridge gaps between cultures and to convey messages that words alone cannot express.

Education and cultural exchange lie at the heart of my endeavors. Through international workshops and lectures, I share my passion for Sufi culture and dance with diverse audiences. These educational efforts are my way of preserving Sufi traditions while promoting understanding and peace among different cultures.

I am grateful for the recognition I have received, which I view as a testament to the art form and the message it carries rather than my personal achievements. My goal is to be a conduit for peace through the universal language of dance, inviting others to explore the depths of their humanity and the spiritual connections we all share.

Rana Gorgani Nuit blanche

Whirling Dervish: Ambassador of Sufi Dance

To those who join me in performances or workshops, I hope to offer an experience that transcends the ordinary, illuminating a path toward deeper self-understanding and interconnectedness.

My role is not just to perform but to inspire, educate, and uplift, hoping to contribute positively to the global tapestry of cultures and the shared quest for harmony and love.Discover our conference to find out more


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Rana Gorgani

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