Rana Gorgani

Whirling dervish

to the pedagogy of Rana Gorgani

where every spin is a step closer to the divine.


A Soulful Exploration through Sufi Dance

At the heart of my pedagogy lies the conviction that Sufi dance is a powerful medium for soulful exploration. It is an art that transcends the mere physicality of movement, reaching into the depths of our inner selves. Through the whirls and flows of dance, we embark on a quest not just for beauty or grace, but for an intimate encounter with our soul. It is this spiritual communion that I wish to share with you, a journey that transcends the boundaries of the self and touches the sublime.

Rana Gorgani Nuit blanche

Curriculum: Nurturing the Soul through Tradition and Innovation

My pedagogy is designed as a soulful odyssey. My curriculum carefully crafted guides you through the intricate tapestry of Sufi dance. With each step and turn, we delve deeper into the mysteries of existence. On that, we use dance as a key to unlock the silent whispers of the soul. The teachings I offer are not merely instructions in dance.  They are invitations to a deeper understanding of life itself, through the lens of Sufi wisdom and the motion of our bodies.

Classes: A Sanctuary for the Soul

Each class is envisioned as a sanctuary where your soul can dance freely, unburdened by the confines of the mundane. My courses offer a space for spiritual expression and growth. They are accessible to beginners or those seeking to deepen an existing practice. Here, amidst the whirls and spins, you are encouraged to listen to the voice of your soul. The path to find in dance a reflection of your own spiritual journey.

Rana Gorgani - blanc

A Holistic Path to Soulful Mastery

In embracing Sufi dance, we undertake a holistic path that nurtures not only the body and mind but, most importantly, the soul. This path is about more than learning to whirl. It is about spinning into the very heart of spiritual awakening. We  use movement as a meditation that connects us more deeply with our essence and the divine. It is a journey of transformation. Hence each step is imbued with intention and each movement carries the potential for enlightenment.

Guidance from a Soulful Practitioner

I am deeply committed to the spiritual path of Sufi dance. So, I offer not just my expertise in the art form but also my experience as a fellow seeker on the path.  It is my deepest joy to guide you through the layers of this beautiful, soul-stirring practice. Also, to witness the blossoming of your spiritual journey, to share the profound discoveries that await us both.

The Soulful Community: Together in Spiritual Harmony

Joining our community of pedagogy means entering a fellowship of souls. Each on their own journey yet united by a common longing for spiritual depth and connection. In this shared space, we support one another's soulful exploration, celebrating the unique path each dancer takes towards the divine. It is a place of mutual respect, deep learning, and profound spiritual engagement.


Your Invitation to a Soulful Journey

I extend to you a heartfelt invitation to embark on this soulful journey with me. To explore the classes and workshops pedagogy I offer is to take the first step towards a deeper communion with your soul, through the sacred art of Sufi dance. Together, let us discover the boundless depths of our beings, dancing ever closer to the essence of life itself.


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